Destiny's Bridge

The NEW 2016 Destiny’s Bridge is coming soon!
The 2016 Destiny’s Bridge documentary is complete. The original 2013 version was never
released or distributed. The story continued beyond 2013, so we kept filming and re-edited
the movie. This new film captures the full Tent City saga that took place in Lakewood, NJ.


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Minister Steve
After eight years of living off-the-grid, the town wants them out.

About the Film

A homeless minister stands up to a New Jersey town that is evicting him, along with 80 other people living in the woods. Police raids and arrests bring uncertainty to the off-the-grid residents that are staking claim to the unused public land that they have been living on for eight years. With the town closing in and eviction on their doorstep, the innovative homesteaders set out to create their own self-sustained tiny house community called Destiny's Bridge.